A Critical Review of the 83 “Pedestal Poker Table With the Dealer Spot

A Critical Review of the 83 “Pedestal Poker Table With the Dealer Spot

The 83 “Pedestal Poker Table with Dealer Spot is a full-size Texas Hold’em mobile. If you want to know more about this product, keep reading.

If we are looking at a standard size table, then the Poker Pedestal table with the 83 “dealer point fits well. Let’s do a table analysis and see where it scores and where not. To begin with, we see that the table has a very elegant seating arrangement for 9 players.The metal cup holders are conveniently placed making it easy for players to sit, sip and have fun

The cup holders are surrounded by a wooden inlay that gives the table top an elegant look. The first thing that stands out is the finish in oak wood with 100% durable wool felt. The oak wood finish is beautiful and, at the same time, makes this unique piece of furniture very durable. The wood used in the construction of the table is well tempered and polished. If you are having doubts about the quality of the wood and if it will be affected by the elements, you can put those thoughts aside. The table has gone through strict quality control mechanisms.

The next point to discuss is the dealer’s 500-chip tray. The dealer’s tray makes it easier for the dealer to conduct games BandarQQ Online easily during a tournament. Therefore, the 83 “Pedestal w / Dealer Spot is good enough to be used as a tournament table, as much as it is suitable for use at home. Not to mention that the table also has a slot for money. This furniture is an addition cutting edge game room and one of the best in its category.

The table size is 83 “x42” x32 “which is standard. It has a pedestal instead of folding legs. This does not make the table portable, but this table is not for moving from one place to another. The pedestal gives the Mesa 83 “pedestal stand with dealer Highlight an elegant look. This table will surely add to the decor of your recreation room.

Now let’s check the price of the table. This table comes with a price of $ 800. The price is lower compared to other tables in this category. Discounts occur at different times of the year, which makes the table cheaper by up to 46%. You can get the 83 “Pedestal Poker table with Dealer Spot for less than $ 430. This is a very good price for this table. For $ 430, this table is good value for money.

I see no disadvantages for the 83 “Pedestal Poker Table w / Dealer Spot. So the table gets a total point of 9 out of 10 points. That’s because it has quality and elegance. This table is a good buy for anyone looking for an addition of a standard game room. I saw the table being used in many poker tournaments and it confirmed my opinion that this furniture is one of the most elegant in the city. Anyone who has this table will support my opinion.

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